Williamstown Bluestone Church Twilight Christmas Market

  • Christmas Twilight Market December  2018  – Santa will be there
  • Date and price To Be Announced.
  • Payment must be paid in advance.
  • Application will be on site from Oct 2018.

If you would like information about running a stall at the Williamstown Blue Stone Church Market, contact | CC. or contact 0412 910 496.

Docklands Sunday Market

  • First market back on the 14th of January 2018. Then every Sunday.
  • Keep in touch for our special Christmas Twilight event in 2018
  • Easter Market on Sunday the 1st April 2018 – Market will operate as normal. The Easter Bunny will visit the Market & Restaurants with Free Chocolate Mini Easter eggs For the Kids from Chocolate Box Shop. All welcome to take a selfie with our Easter Bunny.
  • Special events priced separately.
  • See website for both applications and new price structure also website for Easter Winter markets June, July, August and Christmas Twilight.
  • When application is approved call for payment details, discount only applies when paid one week in advance
  • No entry to St Mangos Lane / NewQuay Promenade prior to arrival of market Manager
  • Arrival Docklands Dr. via Doepel Way – wait in line on Caravel Lane. Food stalls at 8:30am (food first), Boutique stallholders at 8:45am – entry 9:00am. No entry past bollards before Market Coordinator arrives. Stay in line on side of road – do not block any entrance. Enter as directed by Marshal via St Mangos Lane, at walking pace to Newquay Promenade then placed in a 3X3 space including car to allotted space. If the position needs to be changed it will be at the discretion of the market manager and is final,. When driving on site at walking pace keep hazard lights on. Cars parked parallel to water as close to raised barrier as possible, stallholders must not, under any circumstances, unload on water side to do so is at your own risk, marquee to be in line with bluestone walkway. No entry after 10am.
  • Display of goods kept in a tidy manner operation shall be confined to a 3×3 car behind stall and will not encroach on bluestone walkway or other stallholders.
  • Change of placement is at the discretion of the Market Coordinator and is final.
  • Trading stops at 5pm Clean-up1 hour after Market take home all your own rubbish.
  • NO EXIT until Market finishes at 5pm, if your stall takes longer start packing at 4.30pm.
  • Movement of cars is only allowed one hour before and after no exit before finish.
  • Marquees obliged to have min 20kg weights on each legs (City Of Melbourne requirement.)
  • Drip trays are required under stall holder’s vehicles for potential oil spillage on Promenade.
  • Food Registration: Some takeaway & producers allowed are obligated to apply for what you are registration for gazebo or trailer; ground cover 3 sides on tent or drip tray under food, cooking appliance. City of Melbourne requirements must be abided by for food operation, Fire extinguisher and fire blanket, Food Safety Program available and kept on site, high risk food stored at ambient temperature, hand and utensil wash basin with warm water easily accessible, take away waste water. On application provide copies from Local City Council Health Dept. Food Handling Certificate & Public Liability, Streatrading certificate SOT from;   Compliance certificate checklist from Energy Safe Victoria; Ph. 1800652563 dated leads or gas bottles.
  • If you would like information about running a stall at the Docklands Sunday Market, you can download our application, email completed form to *protected email* | CC. *protected email* or contact 0412 910 496

To secure your booking applications must be sent for approval, with a photocopy of your driver’s license and photo of goods.

Yarraville Village Farmers Market

  • 3rd Saturday 9am to 2pm
  • Market setup @7:30am must be ready to open at 9am one hour clean up after close 2pm.
  • Beaton Res Fehon St off Anderson St
  • Vehicles enter via Powell St – Entry 7:30 after the market coordinator arrives and must be ushered in by marshal Drive only on pathway  with hazard lights on at walking pace to allotted place drive straight in then reverse out when market finished no driving around on grass park car behind stall stallholders must insure all display equipment has e.g. tents tables are secure fixed using pegs ties sandbags on each leg.
  • Food stalls obliged to have electric leads date tagged, ground cover, hand and utensil washing labels with ingredients expire new products need approval call coordinator 0412 910 496.
  • Food Stall registration required. Your local council Registration / Food Handling Certificate / Public Liability Insurance / Driver’s license SOT Registration *protected email*
  • List and photo of goods for sale and must inform if any change.
  • To secure booking send application for approval. Cost for a 3X3 stall with car behind $110 for the first two markets (a $20 discount applies for the first two markets), then $65 per market must be paid one month in advance . Refunds: One credit only for holiday or unforeseen circumstances otherwise no refunds in line with other markets. A once only $10 credit will be given to any stall holder who introduces a new Farmers Market stall holder only if they book and pay for their first two markets. Stallholder must call coordinator if delayed or cannot come. When approved contact coordinator for payment details. To secure your booking an application must be sent for approval, with photocopy of all food registration (see application). Pay in advance to Urban Acorn Pty Ltd.

If you would like information about running a stall at the Yarraville Village Farmers Market, you can download our application, email completed form to | CC. or contact 0412 910 496.

Yarraville Village Craft Market

Senior’s Hall – 48 Fehon St off Anderson St (beside Beaton Res)

  • 3rd Saturday 9am to 2pm (at same time as Farmers Market)
  • Arts Craft Fairtrade and Upmarket Recycle
  • Set up time 8:30am – Market 9:30am until 2pm
  • Stallholders park outside the hall to unload goods pedestrians always have priority on footpath then park off site not around Gardens as we need the space for customer parking each stall has a 3X3 space we suggest in a U shape is single $25 double $50 stall holders are responsible for the presentation cleanliness and must take all rubbish home with them also be careful not to damage polished floor and have something for protection on bottom of tables or stands.
  • Send your completed application with copies of your driver’s license, Certificate Public liability Insurance, photo and list of goods for approval, when approved you will receive payment details.

If you would like information about running a stall at the Yarraville Village Market, you can download our application, email completed form to | CC. or contact 0412 910 496.


Stall holders must ensure all their display are well presented in a clean and tidy manor all waste paper and wrapping must be taken away by stallholder equipment eg. Tents and tables are securely fixed using pegs or sandbags / weights on each leg, not less than 20kg. Drip trays required under stall holders vehicle engine at Docklands market.

Second Hand Dealer License

If you are a second-hand dealer and do not currently hold a second-hand dealers license, you will need to complete the application for license form (click here to download/access).only if a second hand dealer. This is is a requirement of the Business Licensing Authority.

One-off sales from Car Boots does NOT need a secondhand dealers licence.

New Food Stall registration and notification:

Apply to: (can only be contacted by email)

Local Coucil Registration
Food Handling Certificate
Public Liabilty Insurance Certificate